Weibel Scientific CEO, Peder R. Pedersen and Indonesian Air Chief Marshal, Agus Supriatna, shake hands on a promising business future.

On watch over 17 508 Indonesian Islands

Weibel delivers radars to more than 45 countries across the globe, and recently, Indonesia has grown to become a very important market. New agreements between the Indonesian Government and Weibel include the indispensable aid of Weibel Doppler radars in air surveillance of the nation’s many islands. Read more here.

Earth, Horizon, Space…Weibel Scientific Reaches Further

Weibel Scientific is the global leader in the market for advanced Doppler radar systems. For over fifty years, we have been designing, manufacturing, and delivering cutting-edge velocity and position measuring instruments to customers around the world. On a daily basis, Weibel radars are used to protect lives on the ground, in flight, and in space.



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Weibel radar on watch

Air surveillance is just one of many new Weibel projects in Indonesia, and the collaboration between the Danish and Indonesian business partners has proven proficient for both parties. 

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