Weibel celebrates 40 years 

Weibel Scientific was founded in 1977 by visionary Erik Tingleff Larsen. Today, Weibel is a leading global developer, producer and exporter of advanced Doppler radars. We have a very specific and deep knowledge of this unique technology which we continue to develop in all its different configurations.

More than 4,000 advanced Weibel radars are used in aerospace, defense, and missile defense industries in more than 40 countries. Our radars secure safety for NASA launches, qualify weapon systems, test long-range missiles, and watch over thousands of Indonesian islands. The same proven technology offers unique gap-filling tracking and discrimination capabilities to ballistic missile defense.

At Weibel, we are obsessed with perfection and accuracy. When searching for new technological solutions, nothing is impossible until it has been proven otherwise – and even then, we will try again.


”We do not simply sell radars. We offer hundreds of years of combined experience in all aspects of radar systems; people who genuinely love what they do, people who can assist you in any terrain, anywhere on earth, and people who will work throughout the night to make sure everything is perfect for your mission. We are not your ordinary technicians, we are Weibel engineers.”