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06-23-2017 - Watch highlights from Folkemødet

Nytkampfly, one of Denmark’s most respected defense media, recorded parts of the Folkemøde-debate hosted by Weibel in cooperation with the Danish Defence and Security Industries Association. Watch Laura Lochman, Chargé d’Affaires at the US Embassy, and Michael Zilmer-Johns, Danish Ambassador to NATO, explain what the US and NATO expect from Denmark in the upcoming defense settlement:

https://youtu.be/ozkBsAQlNNI https://youtu.be/OX-6z5FaOfI https://youtu.be/kxGRxqJ_wO0

06-21-2017 - Local science class visits Weibel

We often welcome schools at Weibel. This time was a particularly joyful reunion with the 8th grade science class at one of the local schools. It has become a tradition for them to stop by, in fact, Doppler technology now forms part of their curriculum, where they carry out experiments equipped with a piano, a car and a stopwatch. At Weibel, they can then experience the vast possibilities with Doppler radars. Denmark – and Weibel – need many more technology-savvy in the coming generations, so it's important to spark the interest early on.

06-16-2017 - Weibel at Folkemødet 2017

The People’s Meeting “Folkemødet” is an annual political festival for the people. It provides a unique platform for open debates on current topics of public interest. At Folkemødet, the people can meet and participate in debates with politicians, NGOs, companies, and organizations. In collaboration with the Danish Defence & Security Industries Association, Weibel hosted a debate about Denmark’s upcoming defense agreement and our promised contribution to NATO’s ballistic missile defense. Representatives from NATO, the Danish Marine, the US Embassy, and the Danish Parliament were speaking in front of a full house, flanked by defense and military experts. Different views on the defense agreement and missile defense were exchanged, but the United States and NATO made themselves clear: Ms. Laura Lochman, Chargé d’Affaires at the US Embassy in Copenhagen, lauded Denmark’s international efforts by stating that “The Danish contribution to NATO is critical, and the Danes are known for always living up to their commitment,” and the Danish Ambassador to NATO, Michael Zilmer-Johns, emphasized that “When a country commits, there is an expectation in NATO that they deliver.” Thank you to everyone participating in the debate for sharing their knowledge and perspectives on the defense agreement and Denmark’s contribution to NATO.


06-09-2017 - Minister of Defense visits Weibel

Today, Weibel had the pleasure of welcoming the Danish Minister of Defense, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, to our headquarters. We are always honored to present Weibel’s technology and production to politicians and officials, but this visit was especially significant to the many Weibel employees who spoke with the Minister and shared their knowledge about radar technology. Thank you to Claus Hjort Frederiksen for his commitment and interest and to our employees for offering the Minister an insight into our work here at Weibel.

05-27-2017 - Weibel supports veteran music festival

Every year, many brave Danes make a real difference on missions around the world. These people have earned our gratitude and support – also after they return home. At Weibel, we see it as our duty to support Danish veterans from conflict zones and disaster areas, so of course we support the Engage Festival. The festival takes place in Copenhagen today, where some of Denmark’s biggest music artists come together to honor our veterans.  

05-22-2017 - MVRS-700 radar returns to Denmark

In March, the Danish Parliament chose French CEASAR 8x8 Nexter Systems as the future supplier to the Danish Army’s artillery. Weibel is a supplier to Nexter, and we are proud to announce that our MVRS-700 radar therefore soon will be part of the Danish artillery. The agreement between Nexter Systems and the Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organisation was signed today at the French Embassy in Copenhagen. The new artillery is expected in 2019.

05-18-2017 - Weibel participates in LMCO networking event

During the next few days, Weibel will tour Denmark along with several other Danish companies within the defense, technology and energy industries. The tour is part of the networking event B2B17, which is hosted by our close strategic partner, Lockheed Martin, in collaboration with a number of Danish trade organizations. The aim of the tour is to strengthen business partnerships between the US and Denmark. Weibel already works closely with Lockheed Martin to integrate our unique radar technology into their ballistic missile systems used to protect both Denmark and NATO, and we welcome the prospect of further Danish-American cooperation.

05-10-2017 - Student tour of Weibel’s facilities

We often welcome students to visit Weibel. This visit was a particular joy as our employee, 16-year-old Thomas, had invited his class for a tour of Weibel’s production facilities. In the picture, Weibel COO Thomas Munkholm Larsen explains about the advanced automated processes including our use of robots. We hope some of Thomas’ young classmates have been inspired to a future career in technology and engineering.

04-28-2017 - Engineering students visit Weibel

Today, a group of engineering students visited Weibel as part of a course on radar and radiometer systems. The aim of the visit was to give the students insight into the everyday life at a Danish tech company and working with radar technology in practice. The students were introduced to the newest technological milestones from Weibel's development department and to Weibel's special 'Continuous Wave' radar solution.

04-28-2017 - Speed dating at Weibel

Weibel delivers world-class radars, and to do that we need world-class employees. Today, we have repeated our alternative approach to attracting the best engineers by inviting a group of carefully selected candidates to a career speed dating event at our headquarters in Allerød, where all our research, development and production takes place. The candidates who prove to be the best match will be offered an interview for a position at Weibel

04-21-2017 - Danish veterans visit Weibel

Today, Weibel had the honor of hosting former Danish Secretary of Defense, Søren Gade, and Veteranskytterne – Danish Wounded Warriors, an organization that works to strengthen the community among veterans. Founder Jacob Panton-Kristiansen gave a speech to Weibel employees about the organisation’s important work to maintain the soldiers’ identity after their missions, and we were especially touched to hear about his own experiences as a soldier. Jacob has been on several missions and actually died for three minutes during a fire exchange as he sacrificed himself to save his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan. Weibel is proud to sponsor Veteranskytterne and the important work they do to help the men and women who put their lives at risk every day.

03-29-2017 - Defense summit at Weibel

Weibel is a proud member of FAD, the Danish Defense and Security Industries Association.

Weibel hosted a defense summit today between FAD members and the Danish Defense Acquisitions and Logistics Organisation (FMI) to shed light on how the cooperation between the industry and the Danish Defense can be further developed with regards to aircrafts, helicopters and maintenance of their components.

It was an informative day where the industry got a chance to learn more about the expectations and requirements needed to elevate Denmark’s performance in the air.


03-03-2017 - Danish MP visits Weibel

Today, Weibel witnessed democracy in action as we welcomed Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, Danish MP and member of the Defence Committee, to our production facilities.

The Danish government is currently debating how Denmark should contribute to NATO’s ballistic missile defense and so we spent the day sharing how the ground-breaking technology being developed right here in Denmark could be an important addition to NATO’s missile defense.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen also engaged in a lively debate with our many interested employees about the current political situation. A big thank you to Jakob Ellemann-Jensen for his time and interest in Weibel and to our employees for their commitment and curiosity.


01-25-2017 - Weibel celebrates 40 years

40 years with more than 4,000 advanced radars in more than 40 countries – today we celebrate Weibel’s 40th anniversary. We have grown from 4 to 100 employees and put Denmark on the map as we compete with the world’s biggest defense companies. Today is truly a day to celebrate. For decades, Weibel has worked on one unique technology: The Doppler radar. We continue to perfect the technology and develop it in all its different configurations and its potential never ceases to amaze us. The same is true for our many talented and committed employees and our clients and partners, who always challenge us to go beyond known horizons in search of new technological solutions. At Weibel, we believe that the formula for success lies in insourcing, a constant willingness to challenge the laws of physics, and a tenacious insistence on the importance of quality. This has taken us far – from the first tracking radar sold by our founder Erik Tingleff Larsen to the US Army over securing safety for NASA launches to testing long-range missiles and developing unique gap-filling tracking and discrimination capabilities to ballistic missile defense. We want to thank everyone who has been part of our journey for the past 40 years and we look forward to what lies ahead.


11-14-2016 - Lockheed Martins CEO besøger Weibel Scientific i Allerød

Weibel Scientific bød i går Lockheed Martins bestyrelsesformand og CEO, Marillyn Hewson, velkommen i virksomhedens produktionsfaciliteter i Allerød. Besøget er et eksempel på Lockheed Martins traditioner for at arbejde tæt sammen med dansk industri, og Marillyn Hewson roste kompetencerne og det høje niveau, hun oplevede hos Weibels medarbejdere. Lockheed Martin arbejder tæt sammen med danske Weibel Scientific om at integrere Weibels unikke radarteknologi i Lockheed Martins ballistiske missilforsvarssystemer, som skal bruges til at beskytte både Danmark og de allierede i NATO. På sit besøg mødte Marillyn Hewson forsvarsministeren, erhvervs- og vækstministeren, samt Weibels medarbejdere og ledelse.   Lockheed Martin indgik for et år siden et strategisk partnerskab med Weibel Scientific om at integrere Weibels unikke radarteknologi med Lockheed Martins missilforsvarssystemer. Aftalen er et unikt industrisamarbejde med potentiale til at fordoble omsætningen for den danske eksportsucces på fem år, ifølge Peder R. Pedersen, administrerende direktør i Weibel. Marillyn Hewsons besøg, hvor de to virksomheder drøftede muligheden for at udvide det i forvejen tætte samarbejde, er en vigtig milepæl for Weibel. Læs mere her: topchef-fra-verdens-storste-forsvarsvirksomhed-besoger-weibel-i-danmark


10-11-2016 - Weibel hosts Ballistic Missile Defense conference

In September, the Danish Defense and Security Industries Association together with Centre for Military Studies hosted a conference about Denmark’s contribution to NATO's missile defense (BMD). The conference took place in a very relevant setting; namely, aboard a Danish frigate which will play a part in the missile defense by being equipped with a radar. At the sold-out conference, top officials from the Danish Navy as well as politicians, and industry and military experts discussed Denmark’s contribution to NATO’s BMD, especially the choice of radars.   Weibel Scientific director Peder R. Pedersen explained how Weibel offers the most advanced solution to BMD – a technology that NATO lacks and needs. With Weibel’s unique radar, GFTR-2100, NATO will be able to measure more precisely over longer distances, thus protecting larger areas.    

04-15-2016 - Weibel sails for Olympic gold

In the beginning of April, Danish Olympic sailor Jonas Hoegh-Christensen visited Weibel. A cooperation between a radar manufacturer and an Olympic sailor may not seem like the obvious match, but nonetheless, Weibel’s engineers help Jonas develop advanced components to make his dinghy faster than competitors at the Olympics in Rio later this year. Jonas took time during one of his rare visits in Denmark between training camps abroad to stop by Weibel’s headquarters and production facilities to explain the benefits of the cooperation to leading Danish technical magazine Ingenioren. Jonas has recently sailed with the new components for the first time and the results are clear: Weibel helps him glide faster through the water, giving him a competitive edge. At Weibel, we continuously develop and perfect new technology with an extreme focus on perfection. This is where yachting and radar development find their common ground and become an exceptional match – It’s all in the sum of marginal gains.                                                                                                               Jonas Høgh og CFO Thomas Munkholm Larsen i Weibels produktionshaller Jonas Høgh og udviklingsingeniør Rasmus Eriksen gennemgår bådens forbedringer    

03-18-2016 - Company of the week

Weibel has been named Company of the Week on Danish Industry’s News Channel IndustriNews. This has resulted in a broadcasted film that offers a secret peek behind the scenes at Weibel. Watch the film here. The recognition follows the approval of another Weibel radar for the Indonesian defense. At a time when outsourcing is becoming more and more widespread, Weibel has invested significantly in insourcing all production and development to our headquarters in Allerød, Copenhagen. This grants us complete control of all components in the entire process and allows us to deliver the highest quality – always. The recognition of Weibel as Company of the Week is an acknowledgment to all Weibel’s talented employees. Nothing is impossible at Weibel and without our employees' dedication and professional expertise, it would not be possible to continuously develop groundbreaking technology and provide the same high level of service to customers in more than 40 countries around the world.   Hvid Weibel i Industrinews MAR 2016          

03-15-2016 - Danish Minister of Defence visits Weibel

 In March, Danish Minister of Defence Peter Christensen and his delegation honored Weibel with their visit. It was a pleasure to see Peter Christensen's keen interest in our advanced radar technology and discuss the potential use of the Weibel GFTR radar for the Ballistic Missile Defence with him.                                         Peter Christensen og Thomas Munkhol Larsen Weibel MAJ 2016   Forsvarsministeren besøger Weibel MAR 2016                      

03-15-2016 - Weibel welcomes young new talent

At Weibel we welcome young visitors from local schools and enjoy opening the doors to our production facilities for them. We need more engineering and technical talents in Denmark in the generation to come, and at Weibel we do what we can to inspire young talents by showing what an education in science can entail and how they can make a difference. In cooperation with local politicians, we have just welcomed another local class from Lynge Skole and showed them the daily life at Weibel. The aim is to move the teaching from the classroom to the real world and hopefully spark an interest in science.                                                 Skolebesøg marts 2016

06-26-2014 - Weibel at Eurosatory

The Danish pavilion attracted lots of guests and was the base of many activities at Eurosatory in Paris earlier in June. The Danish Minister of Defence honored us all with his presence and Weibel was also there - see the pictures here: http://fad.di.dk/About%20FAD/Newsandpress/Pages/ImagesfromEurosatory.aspx

06-03-2014 - Weibel Scientific helps Danish students launch rocket

May 30th, students from Aalborg in Denmark launched a rocket 1000 meters up in the air in collaboration with the non-profit association Danish Space Challenge. The students launched the rocket over the ocean from the beach, and Danish Space Challenge aimed for their highest launch ever. “With these newly developed rockets we are moving into a new league – the original goal of reaching 4000 meters is only the beginning. The new rockets can ultimately reach an altitude of 20 kilometers. This is when it gets really exciting,” says Jeppe Locht, President of Danish Space Challenge. Weibel is proud to sponsor the endeavor, taking an interest in science and technology amongst future generations to new heights. Follow Danish Space Association’s quest to make rocket science accessible for everyone here: https://www.facebook.com/DanishSpaceChallenge

11-21-2013 - Weibel plays a major role in important agreement

Together with MDA and DALO Weibel will support the validation of the unique Weibel Doppler radar technology application to ballistic missile defence sensor grid. With this new agreement, Weibel will now have US top experts to evaluate how their radars can be utilised and deployed in a number of geographical areas in Europe, USA and other countries. The agreement was recently signed at The Embassy of Denmark in Washington DC and is a landmark for Weibel Scientific’s global presence. Read the full press release here and more on Embassy of Denmark in the United States' Facebook  page

11-15-2013 - Weibel hosts the 5th Radar Conference in Denmark

On September 16-20, 2013 we held our 5th Weibel Radar Conference.The new groundbreaking technology presented by Weibel’s talented young engineers was received with great enthusiasm: “I’m especially impressed that we had the chance to meet many of Weibel’s young staff, which bears witness to your robust growth and vibrant future. We had a very productive time with you and look forward to come back again next time,” says CEO Nobuie Konishi from Nobby Tech, Japan. Read more here.

10-22-2013 - Weibel renews partnership with Danish Space Challenge

Weibel Scientific has renewed its successful partnership with the non-profit organization Danish Space Challenge. Read more here.

08-29-2013 - Danish running champion signs sponsorship with Weibel Scientific

Weibel Scientific continues to sponsor the Danish runner Dagmar F. Olsen in 2014. The 19-year-old runner is now both a Danish Junior and Senior Champion on the 800-metres. 19-year-old Dagmar F. Olsen from Allerød, north of Copenhagen is a runner of exceptional talent. Her favorite discipline is the 800-metres race. Click here to read more.

05-05-2012 - Break through for Weibel in Asia

Together with his HRH The Crown Prince of Denmark and her HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark Weibel Scientific visited South Korea on May 12, 2012 to boost exports to the Asian country’s aerospace sector. Weibel Scientific has recently signed a major contract with the big Japanese aerospace organization JAXA and the visit to South Korea is aimed at creating a stronger network and eventually win new South Korean contracts. Read the press release in Danish here.

05-02-2012 - Weibel invites engineers for a speeddating event

May 12, Weibel Scientific invited 40 engineers to a speeddating event in Allerød in order to attract the most qualified engineers in Denmark. The event was well attended and many promising introductions were made. A little group of selected few was invited to engage in the following interview process and hopefully it will result in the employment of new highly skilled engineers, needed for supporting the company’s growth.

04-13-2012 - Minister of Defense Nick Hækkerup visits Weibel Scientific

The Minister of Defense Nick Hækkerup visits Weibel on April 27 to learn more about the world’s most advanced Doppler Radars. The Minister of Defense will get an insight into the possibilities for Weibel Scientific to be an active part of the establishment of a European missile defense. Read the press release here.

01-21-2012 - Weibel Scientific co-hosts big event with Rheinmetall Defense

January 2012, Weibel Scientific hosted a B2B event on behalf of Rheinmetall Defense – a Germany based prominent supplier to the international defense and security industry. The event was co-hosted by the Royal Danish Embassy in Berlin and FAD (The Danish Defense and Security Industry Association). Read the press release here.

11-26-2011 - Weibel Scientific wins prestigious Initiative Award

“Weibel Scientific represents precisely the type of high tech company and workplace Denmark needs in the future. Weibel is an advanced technological company with a great deal of research and development, a global company, esteemed all over the world for its products. And a company, that brings production home in order to keep their costs down instead of outsourcing. This is a very different strategy with amazing results,” says Chairman and CEO of Confederation of Danish Industry, Capital Region Søren Larsen. Read the press release in Danish here.

09-14-2011 - US Missile Defense Agency visits Weibel Scientific

Weibel Scientific is on the brink of participating in Europe's missile defense system. The head of US Missile Defense personally visited Weibel Scientific to learn more about the technology of the world's most advanced multi-frequency Doppler radars. Read the press release here.  

08-01-2011 - Weibel wins major radar order in US - order book now totals USD 100 million

Weibel Scientific has won two major US defense contracts for thousands of radars, taking the company's total order book to approx. USD 100 million. With the order, the United States acquires the world's most advanced Doppler radars and Weibel Scientific continues its expansion in the US. Read the press release here.

05-01-2011 - From Royal Danish Air Force to Weibel Doppler radars

Weibel Scientific welcomes new employee, Jannik Hjulgaard. As new Director of Business Development in Weibel Scientific Jannik Hjulgaard will be directly involved in general sales activities and business development worldwide, with a clear cut focus on custimer and business partner relations. Read the press release here.

11-01-2010 - Weibel Scientific reports continued progress – November 2010

Doppler radar specialist, Weibel Scientific, has released it's annual report for the 2009/2010 financial year. The report shows progress in all areas - that is profit, earnings, orders, liquidity, product development and new personel. Read the press release in Danish.

10-01-2010 - Weibel Scientific wins one of Europe's most important radar orders with Arrow

The Italian defense has chosen Weibel Scientific with Arrow Electronics as the supplier of several advanced radar systems which will be put up on Sardinia. The contract means Italy will have the most advanced Doppler radar system in the world. It is a global breakthrough for Weibel Scientific. Read the press release here.

09-13-2010 - Atlas 5 Rocket successfully in space with Weibel

A sophisticated US satellite is launched into space to improve communications. The Atlas 5 rocket was successfully sent into orbit from Cape Canaveral in Florida tracked by Doppler radars from Weibel Scientific. Read the press release here.  

08-23-2010 - Weibel Scientific launches new radar technology

Weibel Scientific launches a newly developed transponder, which, together with Weibel Scientific's Doppler radars, is setting new standards of safety and accuracy in radar measurements. With the launch of the transponder, Weibel Scientific is challenging the extensively used pulse radar technology used for space launches, thus obtaining substantial competitive advantage in new markets. Read the press release in English. Danish version here.

08-12-2010 - Weibel Sponsors Danish space endeavour

Copenhagen Suborbitals is a Danish non-profit organization with a simple mission: To launch a one-manned spacecraft into space. If they succeed, Denmark will be the fourth space nation that sends a human being into space, only exceeded by U.S.A., Russia, and China. Weibel Scientific, supplier of Doppler radars to NASA, proudly sponsors Copenhagen Suborbitals with a Doppler radar tracking system. Read the press release in Danish.

03-18-2010 - Weibel Scientific Sponsors Danish runner

16-year-old runner Dagmar Fæster Olsen and Weibel Scientific has signed a new sponsorship agreement. This sponsorship agreement allows the young runner to concentrate on her training, which will lead her to Danish and international challenges in 2010. Read the press release in English. Danish version here.

10-05-2009 - Weibel Scientific achieves solid earnings

Doppler radar specialist, Weibel Scientific, has released it's annual report for the 2008/2009 financial year. The report shows very positive results for the company, despite the challenging times. Read the press release in Danish.

06-15-2009 - AmCham commends Weibel Scientific for support

’Weibel Scientific is a trustworthy long-term partner.’ This statement comes from AmCham Denmark Director Stephen Brugger, Copenhagen, who praises Weibel Scientific for the company’s support of the business relationship between Denmark and the United States of America. Read the press release.

09-29-2008 - Weibel Scientific once more attains stable profit and growth

Despite the low rate of the dollar, Weibel Scientific has achieved a stable profit and solid growth for the 2007/2008 financial year. Read the press release in Danish.

10-03-2007 - Weibel Scientific presents a solid profit

Doppler radar specialist, Weibel Scientific has released its annual report for the 2006/2007 financial year. Once again, Weibel Scientific presents a highly positive result. Read the press release in Danish.

05-14-2007 - Weibel Scientific shows radar technology at Nordic Defense Expo

Weibel Scientific is a popular partner for American high-tech organizations and the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA. Therefore Weibel Scientific will participate in the Nordic showcase for the defense and security industry. Read the press release in Danish.

12-20-2006 - Ambassador Cain visits Weibel Scientific

Weibel Scientific is a popular partner for American high-tech organizations and NASA. Because of these important partnerships, the American Ambassador to Denmark, James P. Cain, visited Weibel Scientific just hours before the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set off for the International Space Station. Read the press release in Danish.

10-06-2006 - Weibel Scientific achieves record-setting results

Doppler radar specialist, Weibel Scientific has released its annual report for the 2005/2006 financial year. The report shows very positive results for the company, which is increasingly emerging on the international markets. Read the press release in Danish.

07-26-2005 - Space shuttle Discovery monitored by Danish radars

Today NASA successfully launched the Space Shuttle Discovery from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where the Danish-manufactured Doppler radars by Weibel Scientific played a part in the successful launch. Weibel radars were used to prevent a disaster similiar to the Space Shuttle Columbia accident, in which seven astronauts lost their lives. Read the press release in Danish.