Danish Space Challenge

Weibel Scientific supports the non-profit organization Danish Space Challenge. Since its creation in 1999, Danish Space Challenge has been bringing together enthusiasts to share knowledge and passion for science, technology and rockets. Members of this non-profit organization convene regularly to test rockets.

Since 2009, Weibel has supported Danish Space Challenge with our know-how and advanced equipment, for example by monitoring the trajectory of their rocket launches with our Doppler radars.

In addition to building and testing rockets, Danish Space Challenge is committed to reaching future engineers and scientists, with over 30 annual student lectures and regular children’s courses in building payloads for rockets. Periodically, Danish Space Challenge offers young students to actually partake in flying homemade rockets and individually build payloads such as CanSats.

At Weibel, we understand and share the passion for science and technology and we are happy to be part of the endeavor to share the passion with future generations.