Dagmar Fæster Olsen

Weibel Scientific Sponsors Young Danish Champion

Dagmar F. Olsen is one of Denmark’s brightest young sporting talents. The 19-year-old runner has already proven that she is the absolute best in her discipline by winning both the Danish Senior and Junior Championship on the 800-metre in 2013. Weibel Scientific has renewed the sponsorship agreement going forward with the young runner.

It is the fourth time Weibel renews the sponsorship of the Allerød-born top athlete. In the past year, Dagmar F. Olsen’s career has developed rapidly. Since the young runner has won gold in both the Danish Senior and Junior Championship in her favorite discipline, the 800 metres race, she has dedicated 2014 to an intense training program with the clear-cut goal of improving her personal record.

In the beginning of 2014, Dagmar F. Olsen started a new chapter of her career and transferred to Sparta – the leading athletic club in Denmark located in the heart of Copenhagen with former VM runner and Danish record-holder Heidi K. Jensen as her new personal trainer. In her new surroundings, Heidi K. Jensen and fellow runners will challenge Dagmar in her own league. Later in 2014, Dagmar will continue her hunt for a new personal record at an American college where she has been offered a prestigious sports scholarship.

Dagmar F. Olsen’s new trainer Heidi K. Jensen from Sparta says: ”I am sure that the strategic move to the professional athletic club Sparta will develop Dagmar’s potential even further. I have observed Dagmar for a long time, as she has been a part of Danish Alethic Federation’s talent program for some years now. She is a tremendous talent and is on her way to become a senior athlete and start her career as senior. This new situation would be a big mental challenge for many but not for Dagmar. She works hard and set high standards for herself. I am sure that we soon will see the results from the transfer to Sparta as the new training with runners in her own league will strengthen her and accelerate her development.”

The renewed sponsorship agreement will give Dagmar F. Olsen peace of mind to concentrate on school, her eight weekly training sessions and the participation in international training camps and competitions outside of Denmark.

Peder R. Pedersen, CEO and president of Weibel Scientific, says: ”We are very pleased to be able to support Dagmar F. Olsen. Over the last three years, she has showed us her focus and great potential by taking home high-ranking medals. Dagmar F. Olsen lives in Allerød and we are happy to help a top athlete who comes from the same town as Weibel HQ. The future year looks very promising and we are excited to follow and celebrate her achievements.”