Mission Vision Values


Weibel Scientific delivers the world’s highest quality and most advanced Doppler radars – on time and every time. We strive to make sure that each radar system attains the highest quality possible and are happy with nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

At Weibel Scientific, we believe that nothing is impossible until it has been proven otherwise – and even then we like to double check. Weibel Scientific is a research company with a very specific and deep knowledge of one product: our Doppler radar. We continue to develop this in all its different configurations and will not be satisfied until we reach the very limits of physics.

Growth is not Weibel Scientific’s principal aim. Our focus is on research, development, and competitive, innovative products. With these primary targets, we have proved that growth and earnings automatically follow.

Weibel Scientific exports 99% of its products abroad, predominantly to the public sector, but all work, from development to manufacturing, takes place at our plant in Allerød, Denmark, in order to guarantee the highest possible control and quality. We are simultaneously a local and global participator in the marketplace, and we take our responsibilities seriously. We have invested over $50 million in R&D, and through our work around the world, we have built strong trade relationships and friendships.

A Weibel radar is therefore a local and global product, and we work to achieve high standards of satisfaction both for our customers and our employees. In line with our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we always prioritize quality control, follow-up service, and compliance with all legal and regulatory specifications.