Forensic Science

Weibel Scientific is adding to the increasing sophistication of forensic investigation through its radar technology. Today Weibel Doppler radars are helping police forces and forensic scientists study the dynamic behavior of fired projectiles. Specifically, the Weibel fixed-head Doppler radar enhances ballistic research by measuring the speed of a fired projectile through the entire trajectory.

By reconstructing shooting episodes, investigators can test if a bullet is lethal, as well as the extent of its penetrating/perforating capability. The Weibel Doppler radar has been used to answer questions such as:

Do shotgun pellets have enough energy after passing through a window to cause lethal wounding?
What is the velocity of a bullet at a distance greater than the shooting range?
Will the velocity of a ricochet be sufficient to penetrate/perforate other objects?
What is the velocity drop at the moment of ricochet?
Will the bullet remain stable or not?
All around the world, police forces are turning to Weibel Scientific for the latest in radar systems.