At Weibel Scientific freedom with responsibility means being trusted to do the work you are good at.

Weibel Scientific brings together young, talented engineers, many of whom are graduates from the Technical University of Denmark with Masters of Science in physics, electronics or computer science. Their skills, energy and expertise drive the innovative processes that allow us to maintain standards of excellence for our products and services. We continually strive to challenge and push the boundaries of the possible.

With branches in the United States and Germany and a work arena that spans the globe, most of our developers and engineers can be found in Allerød, Denmark, working in a flexible and relaxed atmosphere that celebrates cultural variety and individual development. Our company culture is built on professionalism and engagement, and we constantly promote the sharing of ideas in our push to be pioneers in radar technology. We always put technological development before business growth. That is why we reach for the most talented developers and the most innovative engineers.