Depending on the position, Weibel may decide to add one or more tests to the recruitment process.

If a test is part of the process, the profile outcome is the starting point for the second interview to ensure that the hiring manager and HR get an even better impression of the candidate. We emphasize thorough preparation to hire the right person for the job, the team, and the organization.

At Weibel we use ACE and MPA profiles. ACE is an ability test designed to assess logical analytical reasoning, while MPA provides relevant insights into the candidate’s personality traits, such as:

  • Defining goals, influencing others, and focus of energy
  • Interacting with others, showing trust, and expressing emotions
  • Approaching tasks, making decisions, and interest in development and new ideas.

An authorized HR representative will always participate in the dialogue regarding the profile result. Test results are handled carefully and confidentially. Only the hiring manager and HR (recruitment responsible) will have access to the results. The candidate can always request a respondents’ report. Access to Weibel’s test policy can be requested via mail to HR@weibel.dk.

Depending on the nature of the job, we might decide to add one or more cases representing the nature of the actual job role.