Only the laws of physics limit the possibilities.

Weibel Scientific leads the world when it comes to the development and production of Doppler radars. We have been involved with testing for more than 70 years and have 25 years of experience in the research, design, development and production of continuous wave Doppler radar systems.

With the help of microwave and advanced digital signal processing, the most advanced Weibel Doppler radar is able to determine the velocity and dynamic behavior of one or more objects simultaneously. Our Weibel Doppler radar systems fall into five different groups, all of which are subject to the highest possible control and quality testing through each stage of production. Our team of engineers develops and manufactures all mechanical parts, electronics, and software in-house. Even the microwave amplifiers and oscillators are developed and produced by Weibel Scientific, and before delivery, all Doppler radar systems are calibrated and tested at our test facility. Today Weibel Scientific has more than 2,000 Doppler and tracking systems in operation worldwide. Specifically, we have more than 100 tracking systems operating around the globe.

At Weibel Scientific, we prioritize maintaining the Doppler radars in use, while continuously working to improve and advance our core products and develop new technologies. Our emphasis on after-sales services allows our customers to benefit from our enhancements and upgrades. With our service contracts, we stand ready with worldwide 24/7 support and maintenance.