Missile Defense

Weibel Scientific has the knowledge and skills required to support national security in regard to Ballistic Missile Defense.

Through innovative development, Weibel’s skilled radar engineers have transformed the unique Weibel radar technology from performing a traditional safety and test role into an innovative operational radar that meets the advanced technological requirements of not only the current but also future missile defense systems.

The Weibel missile defense radar systems, GFTR and GBIDS, are even more advanced than our tracking radars that have already proved a success in space tracking and missile ranges across the world.

The GFTR is able to track multiple objects simultaneously in real time. It resolves objects down to 1 m apart and tracks objects with a velocity difference of less than 1 m/s at a distance of more than 2,000 km. The technology has been proven during NASA launches since 2005, where Weibel has provided mission safety data. The radar successfully tracks multiple targets, booster separation and debris in space.

Weibel’s market-leading skills and technologies within the field are critical for the future realization of the missile defense in order to secure a safer future and help protect civil populations in Europe, the US, and elsewhere against ballistic missiles.