Weibel delivers the world’s highest quality and most advanced Doppler radars – on time and every time. We strive to make sure that each radar system attains the highest quality possible and nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction is good enough for us.

Although we are a company with a long history, we are continuously defined by a deep-seated entrepreneurial spirit. Fast decision-making is part of the Weibel DNA and we take pride in diminishing administration and bureaucracy. This makes us more agile than most companies in the market and it allows us to focus on our customers’ needs before focusing on our own.

We are simultaneously a local and global contender in the marketplace and take our responsibilities seriously. We have insourced all development and production, invested over $50 million in research and development and built strong trade relationships and friendships through our businesses around the world.

At Weibel Scientific, we have one overarching goal – to continue delivering the world’s best and most advanced Doppler radars.