Tactical Muzzle Velocity Radars

Designed to measure muzzle velocity on mortars, artillery and direct firing guns, the self-calibrating tactical muzzle velocity radars help minimize the error and dispersion from gun barrel wear and tear, temperature as well as humidity differences in propellants and variations in projectile weight.

Weibel Scientific’s family of tactical MVRS-700 radars is used to increase hit probability. Integrated onto various third-party platforms, these compact radars have been providing high reliability since Weibel Scientific started producing them in 1992. Weibel’s tactical muzzle velocity radars are mounted on third-party systems, and through self-calibration and active motion compensation technologies, the MVRS-700 radar sets the global standard for measurements of modern artillery with minimum maintenance and logistic requirements.

Weibel has delivered more than 4,000 tactical muzzle velocity radars to 20 countries.