Tracking Radars

Tracking radars are designed for precise measurements, detailed debris tracking, and as range safety systems for conventional and missile tests and space launches. The systems can be provided as tracking only or with a ranging capability using Weibel’s CW, MF-CW and CW/FM-CW waveforms for optimal performance. Coupling the radars with other optical sensors maximizes TSPI tracking accuracy and can provide high resolution imagery. The radars range from man-portable systems over transportable systems to trailer-mounted systems or systems in fixed installations.

The MFTR-2100 system represents one of Weibel Scientific’s most sophisticated radar solutions. Based on the proven technology of Weibel’s tracking radar system, these radars allow for high-precision measurements and Information about Time and Space Positions (TSPI), regardless of object size or range.

Easily deployable despite weighing up to twelve tons and occupying the space of a small truck, our MFTR systems can be set up in less than an hour and can be operated from many different locations. The Weibel MFTR-2100/46 radars have helped NASA track debris during launches and the flight through the atmosphere into space.